We provide the services for issuing stand-by letter of credit which is used to assist while applying for a line of credit for your bank. Mt760 is the swift code for sblc which is the usa form of the bank guarantee. We provide authentic sblc’s that are backed by 100% cash. A stand-by letter of credit acts as a collateral security option which is a secured form of lending. We are associated with issuers who use the topmost banks to provide the sblcs. Our sblcs are on a lease basis where you stand to be the beneficiary and we issue them for a time period of one year and one day which is extendable till five years. The sblc gets transferred to your bank after it is issued. There are a few simple facts to be considered when applying for an sblc and these are mentioned below.
Requirements :

  • Apply with a robust project in hand
  • On the basis of collateral support of an issued sblc, a bank should be funding your project
  • Have substantial funding to pay for leased sblc
  • Have proper options for repayment of loan and return of sblc after the term ends
    why our sblcs :
  • Fully assignable
  • Easy transfer
  • Associations with top banks
  • Good for all types of trade programs
  • Easy renewal option

ideal for :

  • Building and up gradation of resorts
  • Development and construction projects
  • Trade programs
  • Company growth

Our Uniqness

Reasons to Choose Valvestock Capital

Valvestock Capital Limited offers the facility for your project to be funded on a 100% LTV basis subject to terms and conditions and for comparatively very little initial outlay.