Humanitarian project funding


We are providing exemplary services for humanitarian project funding across nigeria. We have considerable funding available, for the improvement of the living standards of people through different humanitarian projects. We have tied up with several established companies to fund such projects and consider a wide variety of projects from time to time..
We have a team of experts to carefully assess the feasibility of a certain project and evaluate the magnitude of funding that it requires. Our expertise lies in providing project funding in the shortest possible time with all the legalities in place. In order to proceed with the services, we only need to have complete information about the project from the organizations seeking funding. We provide totally customized solutions, with funding provided from leading banks of your choice.

why us?

  • Contacts with leading banks
  • Tailor made solutions
  • Easy application process

projects considered:

  • Hospitals
  • Alternative energy
  • Power
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure (roads, railways, bridges, roads)
  • Water


Our Uniqness

Reasons to Choose Valvestock Capital

Valvestock Capital Limited offers the facility for your project to be funded on a 100% LTV basis subject to terms and conditions and for comparatively very little initial outlay.