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Valvestock Capital Limited is an International Consultancy firm specialising in Project Funding & Capital Raising for Private or Public Organisations & Industries, Corporations, Institutions, Individuals and Governments. Business Consulting with a focus on strategic planning, all aspects of Business Development, Commercial Real Estate Investment Services.
We're able to assist with funding at any stage in the capital raise process. Our general course plan is to conduct an initial review and report back to you where we think the project stands and what "project components" may be missing in order to move forward. This is followed by developing, or coordinating (if the project is already documented), the varied project parts into a Client Funding Package under the Valvestock Capital Limited. We then take this quality package and present it to capital sources with a view to raising funds. Indicative term sheets and negotiation of terms are then facilitated and the funding process is managed through to close in our role as Funding Arranger on your behalf.
Our typical process is as follows for project financing work: Phase 1: Professional Services - (a) We review your project; (b) We provide an Valvestock Capital Limited report stating where we think your project stands, what "project components" are still required and a course of action designed to proceed to a level we believe will gain the best possible reception from capital sources; (c) Preparation, or final prep, of your project materials are conducted by us. .
Phase 2: Performance Outcomes - We present and promote your project to capital sources supplied by us.
Valvestock Capital Limited is an International Project Funding & Consulting Firm. Our specialty is working on transactions that may require creative structuring. We arrange commercial business financing, senior debt financing, mezzanine financing, participating debt, subordinated debt, equity capital, joint ventures, asset-based loan, high leverage financing, or hard money. The mission of Valvestock Capital Limited is to offer a wide range of commercial financing solutions for the global market. We will add value to your development, acquisition or refinance. In addition to institutional sources, we have access to a large number of private money sources through our network of Lender/Investor underwriting groups. They underwrite debt service and real estate joint ventures, most often utilizing their in house asset base and contracted investors. Our network is a potential and resourceful source of creative financing, fast funding and high-level advisories.
Valvestock Capital Limited is direct to a private placement consulting firm. Comprising of pension funds, private banks, family trusts, high net worth individuals, hedge funds and opportunity funds. Our sources can offer solutions that are not available in the traditional lending markets:
Private placement financing provides a competitive alternative to traditional commercial lending in a tight-money market where many worthy borrowers are being denied access to funds for their project. Valvestock Capital Limited has access to sources that can provide you private funds for acquisition and development, new construction, cash outs, rehab projects, commercial business expansion and bridge funding.
Another one of our sources represents hundreds of non-traditional, non-bank Private Lenders and they specialize in arranging alternative financing for more challenging commercial transactions throughout the World. They arrange financing for companies that are unable to secure financing through traditional sources, particularly if funding needs are immediate.
Traditional banks receive their funds from depositors like you and me and therefore have a mandate not to take undue risks with those monies they lend out. Our source represents Private Lenders who obtain their funds, not from deposits, but rather from the sale of notes and bonds on Wall Street and through private investors. Therefore, they are able to take on more risk and provide financing for tougher transactions that do not qualify for bank financing.
Valvestock Capital Limited provides finance and funding for large corporations and government on projects generally greater than $100 million. We may assist in the preparation of a formal application to obtain suitable project financing / funding for development projects. We receive professional fees for our experience, specialist services and sourcing of financial solutions. Our professionals bring executive level experience in top-tear investment banking and consultation in various industries throughout the world. We provide access to the most advanced financial products and source unique funding solutions through major banks and regulated asset managers providing structures for challenging solutions.



  • Large Government projects
  • Large Industrial projects
  • Commercial Buildings,
  • Education – Universities
  • Agricultural projects
  • Hospitals, Medical Science,
  • Alternative Energy projects
  • Technological advancement
  • Tourist resorts projects
  • Government infrastructure

CRITERIA: Valvestock Capital Limited work with major corporations and governments, where security is covered by acceptable guarantees or undertakings, or bank guarantees from an acceptable major bank.



  • Completed APPLICATION FORMS - submitted for assessment and compliance.
  • PROJECT DETAILS: - Executive Summary, Business Plan, Feasibility Study.
  • Funding needs: Cash-Flow Analyses, Turnover and Profit expectations.
  • Corporate registration documents and Articles of Association.
  • Copy of Passport of applicants / directors.
  • List of shareholders greater than 5% shareholding.
  • Proof of Funds, equity input or venture capital.



PROCESSING TIME:  6 to 12 weeks, depending on the project complexity.

Project Assistance Strategy.

We require a certain amount of essential documentation for compliance assessment and viability. Our funding is targeted for large commercial and government projects. These projects may include commercial property, factory production, energy, infrastructure, education, medical and other major projects.


Assessment, Verification, Qualification.

The assessment and verification phase could take up to 3 weeks. Standard international banking compliance is applied. The authenticity and viability of the project is assessed and development strategies are analysed. Projects with a maximum economic advantage are taken into consideration.


Preparation of Documents.

Final reporting and document collation is prepared.
Formal and professional applications are prepared, conforming to the bank policy and criteria concerned.


Appraisal, Assessment.

The formal application may take between 1 to 2 weeks depending on the project and financial institution or bank concerned. Assessment of project managers, accountability, financial, cash-flow and project development factors are assessed.

  • Facilitators to business and governments requiring Project Funding / Financing.
  • Consultants to assist in the preparation of a formal Project Funding application.

We serve our Clients through our mission to be a catalyst to help achieve timely funding results
We welcome ALL inquiries about our products and services and ask that you contact us right away if you have a deal to discuss!

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Valvestock Capital Limited offers the facility for your project to be funded on a 100% LTV basis subject to terms and conditions and for comparatively very little initial outlay.