Valvestock Capital Limited specializes in business and commercial financing, bond programs, bank instruments and more. We have a large network of connections with the top financial institutions around the globe. We at Valvestock Capital Limited have established relationships with several private financial sources.
Our staff at Valvestock Capital Limited strives to create dynamic and unique products to the market. We consider ourselves at Valvestock Capital Limited a leader in financial and bank instruments, and offer endless possibilities to incorporate the instruments into anything our client needs.  Clients come to us to fund their projects in every part of the globe. Businesses that cannot get funding from ordinary banks and financial institutions come to Valvestock Capital Limited to get the funding they need.  Our business finance consultants will find a way to say yes, when everyone else tells you no.

We at Valvestock Capital Limited provide many products and services, such as accounts receivable financing, invoice factoring, commercial loans, equipment loans, and equipment leasing to help businesses all across the world.

  • Bond Monetization
  • Financial Instruments Monetization (CDs, MTNs, BGs, SBLCs, T-Bills, T-Notes, T-Strips)
  • Luxury Item Monetization (Gold, Silver, Gemstones
  • Asset-based loans
  • Invoice Factoring
  • Buy and/or sell sugar, gold, minerals, etc.
  • Medical A/R Financing
  • Commercial lease equipment
  • Commercial Loans (Healthcare facilities, Multi-family properties, Churches, etc.)

The best part of working with Valvestock Capital Limited is we make it easy for you to get the cash you need for your business. Our finance business consultants at Valvestock Capital Limited are here to meet all your financial needs, no matter how complex. Our consultants have the expertise to create a custom finance plan for any size business. Call us to get the process started.


About Us . . .

Valvestock Capital Limited is a private company that provides many products and services to many companies and private investors in Africa. We at Valvestock Capital Limited have a large funding group that is one of the leaders in monetization financing. Our finance . . .


Global Reach . . .

Our associates have financed and developed projects in almost sixty countries worldwide. Since our operations are global in scope, we look forward to hearing from potential clients in the following countries and territories: