Collateral enhancement program


Instrument & proof of funds acquisition services

p.o.f. (proof of funds) / account statement - tear sheet / v.o.d. (verification of deposit)/ blocked funds letter / (b.c.l. (bank comfort letter)/ s.b.l.c. (standby letter of credit)

these services can be effective for:

* qualifying and obtaining funding, for projects and company use.
* oil petroleum or commodity transactions.
* real estate, project development and land deals.
* credit enhancement, company balance sheet enhancement.
* investment transactions.

* collateral enhancements for companies wishing to go public
* credit line approval or activation.

Swift messaging services:

mt799 (pre-advice) mt999 (pre-advice) mt760 (payment guarantee)

qualifying criteria - client must have proper identification (drivers license, passport, etc.) - client must provide proof of funds to reflect the ability to pay for services requested - client and/or partners must have sole signatory authority over their proof of funds - client must complete the c.i.f. (client intake form) to receive contract & agreement


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the funding options available so please docontact us for a no-obligation and confidential discussion about your major project finance needs.


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Valvestock Capital Limited offers the facility for your project to be funded on a 100% LTV basis subject to terms and conditions and for comparatively very little initial outlay.